He is drawing water from well.

He is pulling water from well.

Which is more suitable in this context? Is there any suitable phrasal verb for this?

Thank you.

  • The only way that pulling sounds natural to me is: he is pulling a bucket of water from the well. Mar 21, 2019 at 6:10

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"Draw" is idiomatic, although this particular definition is specific to the action of physically dragging water from a water source, so it's only really used with something like a well.

"Pull" does not sound idiomatic to me at all, at least not in this context. If you don't want to use "draw" then you can use "take" or "take out":

Take some water from the well and bring it to the kitchen.

or various others such as "fetch", "get", "bring", "collect" etc.

Tell your brother to go fetch some water from the well and bring it to the kitchen.

Note: In a different context you can "pull water" from a source, but this implies a different sort of action, for example:

Scientists Pull Water Out of Thin Air

In this case the scientists "pull" water by condensing water vapor using special materials.

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