We have three terms for determining different level of depth in a movie shot and they are foreground, middle ground and background, but are there more words? How do you for example identify different depths within each of them, because, although very rare, we may sometimes see more level of depths than three, and sometimes in the middle ground alone we may see 2-3 levels of depths. I am sorry if I misused the term depth, but I guess most people will understand what I meant.

For example:

In the foreground of the middle ground, we see a similar element that is seen in the foreground of the background.

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It seems there are no in-between for foreground, middle ground and background, those three nouns are used in order to show spaces and depth.

enter image description here

There are only 3 zones:

enter image description here

However you can use the following terms:

We can see the Horizon line between the mountain in the background and the sky.

As you can see, the first mountain in the Middle Ground is entirely covered with trees

As well as: in the [back/front] of the [foreground/middle ground/background].

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