What are the structures of the bolded phrases in the excerpt of a conversation?

Employee: Because we desperately someone right away to help us keep our membership list up to date, work on our monthly newsletter, things like that. Sounds kind of boring I know, but after you’ve had some experience, it could lead to a paid position.

Student: Well, that’d certainly be a plus. Tell you what? Let me just check with Professor Tyler, make sure it’s alright with him and I will get back to you sometime tomorrow, okay?

1) It seems it should be "Because of" not just "Because".

2) desperately seems to be an adverb and after that here it was expected that come to a verb.

3) What does mean "be a plus" here?

4) What is the structure of the "Tell you what?" expression here?

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    Desperately someone right away is ungrammatical. If you coped this from somewhere, you should check to make sure it's correct. (I suspect it's need that's missing after desperately.) – Jason Bassford Supports Monica Mar 23 at 22:05

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