I have some opening statements like:

From programming perspective, ...


From application development perspective, ...

Not sure whether I should add definitive article for them to become:

From a programming perspective, ...


From an application development perspective, ...

Which ones are correct?

  • Perspective is a countable noun in this sense, so a determiner has to precede it. – userr2684291 Mar 24 '19 at 10:50

It doesn't matter where you are putting them; a countable noun generally needs a determiner1, whether it's an article or something else. So you can use a (or an if appropriate), or this, or such a. If you're asserting that there's is precisely one programming perspective, it could even be the. The indefinite article a is probably safest to be sure that you're using it appropriately.

1: There are exceptions, but none of them apply here.

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