There is a hill very close to a house, but the house is not touching the hill. We can say that the hill is starting a few metres away from the house.

Which is correct to say in this situation:

My house is situated by the hill.

My house is situated under the hill.

My house is situated down the hill.

....or something else?

Please explain.

  • There are several applicable answers. The hill starts a few meters away from the house. Which one would you choose? – Lambie Mar 24 at 15:45

While all the examples that you give are correct, and you could use any of them. "By" is simple and descriptive. "Under" could be odd, unless the house is a tunnel. "Down" would be describing the position of the house relative to someone at the top of the hill.

There are other alternatives that you could use:

You can say the house is at the bottom/foot of the hill.

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