— I'm reading a book by Richard Hughes, The Fox in the Attic. In the first page, chapter one "Polly and Rachel" there is a phrase that I didn't get it.

"and here in a sodden tangle of brambles the scent of a fox hung, too heavy today to rise or dissipate."

— What does that mean? A smell of a fox that has been hung?

— I found in the dictionary that hung can be used as: (be hung with) be adorned with. the walls of her hall were hung with examples of her work

— In that way I might understand that a scent of a fox was in the air, not a scent of a fox hung.

Could you clarify it to me? Thanks.


The scent (of the fox) hung - stayed around - in the air.

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    So the subject of hung is scent, not fox. – Nate Eldredge Mar 24 at 21:40

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