I'm having trouble transforming this sentence into reported speech.

She asked : " What was the last place you went to four days ago with this girl ? "

Following the basic rules, I would say it should be :

She asked what had been. the last place I had been to four days before with that girl

Thanks for any advice.

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Whether you opt for this girl or that girl would depend on the context. The girl concerned might well still be present when you answered. In that case, she would clearly be this girl or simply the girl.

Equally, your answer assumes that the you in the direct quote refers to yourself and not to a third party, which is likely but not necessary. You could clarify this by making it clear that she asked me......

I would go along with your answer, possibly with one or two tweaks, as in:

She asked (me) what the last place was that I had been to with this/that/the girl four days previously/earlier.

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