Is there a verb in English that would mean "to win in the court"?

For example, both Johnson and Gregson claimed their rights on one patch of land in Arizona. They took this case to the court and the judge decided that that patch of land should belong to Gregson. So one would say:

Gregson has finally [the verb] that patch of land.

or better (if it's possible in English):

Gregson has finally [the verb] that patch of land from Johnson.


In the context of legal proceedings, a dispute, or a consideration between parties, you can say the following:

Gregson has finally been awarded that patch of land.

From Merriam-Webster's definition of award:

2 : to give by judicial decree or after careful consideration
// The jury awarded damages to the defendant.
// award a contract

Note that you need the auxiliary verb been in order for it to work in your sentence.

You would not add from Johnson here, but it would be understood from the context.

Alternatively, a simpler verb, that isn't quite as specific, but whose meaning would also be clear in this context, and where from Johnson could remain, is won:

Gregson has finally won that patch of land from Johnson.

You can use won here because people talk about winning and losing court cases. Win also often blurs the line between the circumstance and the result.

For instance, these would all be considered fine:

I won the lottery and was given a million dollars.
I won a million dollars in the lottery.
I won the heavy-weight title from Tyson.

Personally, I would not say that you won something from someone. To me, it's more natural to simply say that you won something—or that you took something from someone. But I believe that's just my personal opinion. Objectively speaking, I think it's common to hear people say (at least informally) that somebody won something from someone. So, that shouldn't be a concern here.


While "been awarded" is good, in this case a longer sentence may be clearer.

Gregson has finally won his lawsuit with Johnson over that patch of land.


Gregson has finally won his lawsuit with Johnson and was awarded that patch of land.

This makes it very clear that the "win" was in a court case, and the second makes clear that the land was awarded to Gregson. (In the first he might merely have gotten a sum of money as damages, or some other outcome, depending on the suit.)



How to Recover Money From a Lawsuit

However, courts do not contact defendants to collect money. If a defendant does not have any assets, then you might not recover any money.

If you file a lawsuit and win, you'll be entitled to recover money damages.

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