When an adjective is used in structure “ in length “ as is the case with sentence below, does it change it's meaning ?

We can cut lumbers into 5 meters in longest length .

If this sentence are wrong ,please correct me .

  • "lumbers" with an "s" is simply totally wrong. You cut planks to length. The word "lumbers" does not exist (except in very unusual situations). – Fattie Mar 25 at 11:15
  • Note that timber (softwood anyway) tends to come in a variety of standard sizes from 1.8m to 6.3m. It would be quite limiting to be unable to provide timber in a length of less than 5m. – Strawberry Mar 25 at 13:13
  • What are you asking? In the first sentence, you say that 5 meters is the longest length, but in your second sentence you say it's the minimum length. The words longest and minimum have essentially opposite meanings. – Jason Bassford Mar 25 at 16:45
  • I deleted second one . I realized later . My fault. I asked if the use of in longest length correct or not. – language learner Mar 25 at 17:00

The reason we say, for example, "5 metres in length" is to show that the measurement of 5 metres is the length and not any other dimension such as width. We don't always prefix "length" with "in".

You are right in saying that "lumber" and "timber" are non-countable nouns, but "a length" can be used as a noun for a specific cut of timber, the plural of which is "lengths".

So you could say:

We can cut timber into 5-metre minimum lengths.*

*you have to be careful this does not sound like you mean 5 lengths of one metre each, because a 1-metre length can be called "a metre length".


We can cut timber into lengths no shorter than 5 metres.

(these are using "length" as a noun for the piece of cut timber)


The minimum length we can cut timber into is 5 metres.

(this is using "length" as a noun for the measurement)

  • @Justin Quite right, corrected. – Astralbee Mar 25 at 14:07

I think "lumber" is a non-countable noun, and "timber" is both countable and non-countable, but that may be an American English difference if that's what you're learning.

"We can cut lumber to 5 metres longest length" means (a) they can cut to less than 5 metres, and (b) some pieces will be shorter than 5 metres.

"We can cut timber into minimum of 5 metres" means they can't cut timber shorter than 5 metres -- the opposite to above.

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