I am going to create the next situation, I am working in a web development company...:

Boss: What are you doing?

Me: I am working with Angular, I developed a simple project to see how it works.

Boss: Ok.

Well, I have a question: when I say "how it works", is it correct? Or I should say "how does it work?" or something like that. Because I am not asking him about Angular, I am telling him an assertion that I am working with it.

I get confused with this.


You are correct. “How it works” is appropriate for an assertion, and “how does it work” is appropriate for a question. You are not asking a question here.

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  • Ok. Yes, that was my question, I did not know if "How it works" sentence was grammatically correct. Thanks for your reply :) – learnprogramming Mar 27 '19 at 22:09

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