"I appreciate for your status update"


"I appreciate the update"

The latter may sound more normal but when grading someone's writing, what are the technicalities that I can use to explain why the first one is a little off?

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    “Appreciate” is a transitive verb- it requires a direct object. Using “for” doesn’t make sense here. – Mixolydian Mar 26 '19 at 3:24
  • @Mixolydian's comment is the whole of the answer. The particular kinds of object or complement a verb takes are part of the dictionary entry for that verb, and have to be learnt. They cannot be worked out by logic, meaning, or analogy. – Colin Fine Dec 25 '19 at 16:08

Both sentences are OK (provided you delete the "for": appreciate for... is not OK).


"I appreciate your status update"


"I appreciate the update"

are equally OK. The following is OK too:

"I appreciate the status update".

The only difference between them is the amount of information contained, related to "update": the "your" and the "status".

One or another may prove better, depending on context.

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