All I have to do is keep Talyor in bulky sweaters for a few years.

I always think "be" should connect "to do" or "doing". Such as you can only say I'm eating. But you can't say I'm eat.

And I find another example, is keeping

His business is keeping him busy.

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    I am sorry, but i am not clear on what the nature of your concern or confusion is. What do you mean by "be" should connect "doing"? What alternate sentance are you comparing your example with? Please expand your question a bit. Mar 27, 2019 at 4:54

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In the following sentence patterns, you can omit the "to" before a verb.

All I have to do is (to ) take a good rest.

All I can do is (to)wait.

What you should do is simply (to) apologize to him.

All I did yesterday was (to) eat and sleep.

All I have to do is learn English.

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