1. You are going the wrong way.
  2. You are going on the wrong way.

As a learner I commonly use the second one to remind someone who has taken the wrong road to get to his destination.

But today I came across the first one, which has been used to express the same meaning.

Is "the wrong way" an adverb here?

Which is more correct to use? Explain.

Thank you.

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"The way" is not the same as "the road".

"Way" in this context refers to a direction. One cannot be described as being "on" a direction, but you can be on a road which has a physical surface.

The correct versions of your examples would therefore be:

You are going the wrong way.

You are on the wrong road.

Remember you could be on the right road, but going the wrong way! So do not expect the two to be interchangeable.

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