I have this confusion about whether to use "here" or "in here"

For example, if I am in an event and speaking with somebody, and I want to express that someone else is also present in this event. Should I say "xxx(the person's name) is also in here" or just "xxx(the person's name) is also here"

Also, when I am travelling in some places and talking with the locals, should I say "I just arrived here two days ago" or "I just arrived in here two days ago"

Also, do they always have the same meaning?


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Think of "in here" as a more specific version of "here". In many cases you can substitute "here" for "in here", without really losing any meaning.

John just texted that he's at the event, so I know he's in here/ here somewhere.

However, "in here" is not a substitute for "here", as it means something is inside, or at least within, some fairly specific location. While it's possible in your second example, it sounds strange to use "in here" with something like an entire city, because it suggests the person or thing is either visible or can be located with a brief search.

Some examples of using "in here" to emphasis the idea of an enclosed area:

It's too dark in here. Could you turn on another light?

Let me check the pantry. I know there is sugar in here somewhere.

Captain, we have a problem. I think the alien is in here with us.


Regarding your first question, if you are in a room or some kind of enclosed space, it would be correct to say, "in here." For example, let's say someone asks you, "Is John Smith here?" You could say, "Yes, he's in here somewhere." Or you could just say, "Yes, he's here." Of course, if the event is outdoors, just say, "He's here." You can't say "in here" if you're outdoors.

Regarding your second question, if you're trying to tell them how long you've been in town, say, "I just arrived here two days ago." "In here" usually refers to being in some kind of enclosed space.

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