Which preposition should i use before payment in sentence below?

We mostly sell with/for/on advance payment of 50%.

I thought “with” is the best choice but please correct me if it is wrong .

  • To sell [preposition] advance payment isn't really a natural way of expressing this anyway. I'd suggest We mostly sell on the basis of a 50% advance payment. – FumbleFingers Reinstate Monica Mar 29 '19 at 15:01

I wouldn't say it as any of those. You want to structure the sentence differently.

We generally require a 50% advance payment on all sales.

This indicates that exceptions are possible (as I assume was the intent in using mostly), but it focuses the advance payment, making require the principal verb and thus removing the need for a preposition on advance payment.

If you're absolutely wedded to your sentence structure, then use with, but generally is more formal than mostly and the sentence structure you've got at the moment isn't natural/idiomatic.

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Yes,with is the best choice in this context.But I suggest using We mostly sell with pre-payment of 50%. Please refer to Cambridge Dictionary

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