In the two situations,do my sentences sound natural?

If something is kept on the cupboard/closet, what should I use(if either of them sounds natural)

Can you take it off/down the closet(cupboard)?

And if I have to put something on the cupboard/closet:

Put it on the cupboard(closet).

(It doesn't have to be put inside but on it.)


If it is kept on the cupboard, you would "take it off the cupboard".

However must cupboards are boxes or small rooms, and you put thing in the cupboard. In which case you should say "take it out the cupboard". Putting things "on" a cupboard is odd enough that I'd probably want to emphasise with a phrase like "on top of"

Take the pen that is on top of the cupboard

You can put it on top of the cupboard


Your examples are unusual.

Items are usually kept:

IN cupboards/closets
ON cupboard shelves
ON top OF cupboards

So most people would take items:

DOWN FROM the top of the cupboard
OUT OF the cupboard
FROM the cupboard

Yes, you could put it ON a cupboard. We generally say on top of to make it clear that we don't want it placed on shelf.

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