When you read a book and you want to express your excitement, what do you say:

"it was a nice read"


"What a nice read"


"Nice reading"


There's something else which is most suitable? I know that I could simply say: "I enjoyed reading this book" but I remember seeing a lot of people using the word "nice" but don't exactly remember how it was constructed though.

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I would say that "it was a good read" is a more idiomatic way of saying a book was enjoyable, at least in BrEng. Still, "a nice read" also sounds fine.

"Nice reading" sounds more like a compliment on someone's reading ability, as "reading" is the action or skill of reading. It is what teachers write on children's reports when they have read well out loud - "Nice reading!"

However, in some contexts a passage of text that is intended to be read out loud can also be referred to as "a reading", and so it would not be completely out of place to say "that was an enjoyable reading" in reference to the text itself.

For general use though, I would stick with "good read", or "nice read" if that is idiomatic in the place where you live.

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