If the battery percentage indicator shows "34%", what will a natural way to express this idea?

My phone's battery is 34%..

My phone's battery is 34% charged.

Should "charge" be added in the end? Is there a more natural way to express this idea?

And after a while the phone's battery drains a bit. So what sounds natural:

My phone's battery decreased by 4%.

My phone's battery drained by 4%.

Is there a shorter and better way to express this idea?

And what about the battery increasing when put on charger?

My phone's battery increased by 4%.

Is there a more natural way to express it?


Most people would say

My phone has gone down by 4%
My phone has gone up by 4%"

because for most people the battery is implicit in the statement. For this reason we would also say

My phone is on 34%

although "my phone is 34% charged" is correct it is not what a native would say and sounds unnatural to me as an Englishman.

  • I don't think most people would use on; they would use at. Apr 2 '19 at 13:38

"Battery" is actually a device, a thing.

It can not be 34%, increased or decreased.
Same reason mobile companies use examples like "Battery life" or "Battery capacity" etc. So words like charged and drained are correct.

Also to use increased/decreased, you can rather say,

My phone's battery's charging increased/decreased by 4%

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