I want to know the difference between the two sentences. 1. I see the walking robot. 2. I see the robot walking. I want to know the difference in meaning between the two sentences. Please, tell me the difference.

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As a noun phrase, a walking robot is a robot that has been designed to walk. As a verb phrase, a robot walking, is a robot that happens to be walking.

So, we can have the following phrases:

The walking robot on the shop floor is currently standing still.
Look at that robot walking around the shop floor—it must be one of those new walking robot models.

Or, to follow the phrasing in the question:

I see the walking robot walking.
I see the walking robot standing still.

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Walking Robot(noun)= A robot that walks

Robot walking is an action.

You see a robot when it's walking

  • So what's the difference between the OP's two sentences? Apr 2, 2019 at 7:22
  • In walking robot, walking is the main attribute of the robot. That's the only thing it does. Whereas, seeing a robot walking doesn't necessarily mean that it can't do anything else besides walking.
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