I am teaching direct object pronouns in French and preparing a cloze exercise where students will fill in gaps with the correct LE or LA pronoun. As a clue, I give them a translation of the part of the sentence containing the pronoun (with the noun it stands for between brackets). Below is my problem sentence:

'Je suis trop loin de ce tableau, j’ai envie de LE voir de plus près.'

Clue: [...] I would like to see it (the painting) closer.

or should it be

[...] I would like to see it (the painting) closer up.

or even

[...] I would like to see it (the painting) close up.

None of them feel right to me.... Any suggestion?

Thank you

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My suggestion is

I would like a closer view of it (the painting).

  • Ah, yes! That is perfect! Thank you so much! Apr 2, 2019 at 12:00

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