A little child ties a collar around his dog's neck and asks his mother:

Did I tie it well?

Does it sound natural? Will it be ever used? I'm asking this because "well" sounds a bit formal. Or should it simply be : Is it okay? But if "tying" has to be emphasized what will a natural word for that?

So is "well" used in such sentences in daily life conversations natural?


That sounds fine to me; I don’t think well is that formal. A small child might not know this word and use the (incorrect) adjective good instead of the (correct) adverb well, but a well-spoken child might very well be aware of the difference.

A more informal way a child might also ask this using the word okay is

Did I tie this okay?


Did I tie it okay?

(it is acceptable in place of this if it is already clear what is being referred to)

I’m not sure it’s “standard” to use okay as an adverb (much like good) but a child could certainly form a question like that.

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