In The Favourite (2018), Anne is up to her neck in a large pool of bubbling mud which leach out her toxins. Abigail sits next to her. Sarah enters and says to Abigail:

Sarah: After you left, I thought, "What a grand idea to take to the mud." To get whatever poisons one carries with one out.

What is the meaning of "one carries with one out"?

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Here one is used as a pronoun. It's The verb is "to get [smth] out", and the object is "whatever poisons one carries with one".

Sentences with one can be confusing, maybe it's clearer with he/him:

whatever poisons he carries with him

  • Does it simply mean extract poison from the body?
    – Marcus Lox
    Apr 2, 2019 at 16:36

It means the same thing as the more natural sounding:

To get out whatever poisons one carries (with one).

It's unusual to put out at the end of the sentence—normally it's part of the verbal phrase get out. Sometimes, you can insert a single word in the middle of the phrase (get it out or get something out), but rarely are the two words separated so much as in the sentence in the question.

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