I have learned there is generally no article before history, unless we're talking about a specific one. But what about sentences where history doesn't mean neither what has happened nor the story of humanity but the past (since there is only one past)?

I feel like both

This is the best way two people contacted in the history.


This is the best way two people have contacted in history.

could be correct. Am I right?

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That is not how it works. "The history" doesn't work by itself. History, as a whole, is too general for "the." (The same applies for "science.")

You can, however, use a specific history. "This has never happened before in the history of this nation" is a valid and common usage, and in fact requires the "the." It's a specific section of history.


History is generally an uncountable noun. So you need to omit articles.

It becomes specific, and countable when talking about the history of something or somewhere.

The history of Scotland is awesome.

Those who learn from the errors of history are condemned to make new ones.

History is bunk.

In your two examples you are talking about history generally. So you can't use "the".

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