What differs these two sentences:

She brought her boy friend to school in order for her friends to meet him.


She brought her boy friend to school for her friends to meet.

Thank you.

  • Your question is confusing because you're changing two variables at the same time. – Jason Bassford Apr 4 '19 at 7:18

I believe there is a slight difference in inference between the two.

In both statements, there is an action (bringing the boyfriend to school) and a stated purpose.

In the first example using "in order for", this means that it was the speaker's aim or purpose for her friends to meet her boyfriend.

In the second example that just uses "for", this could imply that the speaker did it for her friends, as if it was they that wanted to meet him rather than it being the speaker's own purpose that they meet.

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  • Anyway, how could there be an object 'him' in the first sentence while there isn't in the second. – alps Apr 4 '19 at 6:15

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