I am thinking repurposing, but that's not really a word, and it doesn't seem to be appropriate when talking about a company, so is there a way to say it a little better?

For example:

Disney wanted to repurpose Pixar into a game development company.

  • repurpose is fine; retrofit, for a machine. – Lambie Apr 4 at 19:25

Repurpose is absolutely a word, and not at all inappropriate to use about a company. You could, however, also use refocus, reinvent, or reorient, all of which are (obviously) metaphorical.


Actually, I just saw entries for repurpose in a couple of online dictionaries. So it seems that it is a word. But if repurpose doesn't fit your purpose, what about reinvent?"


example: Acme Widget Corporation reinvented itself by moving from making kitchen utensils to manufacturing computer disk drives.

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