Do these following sentences sound natural to an English native speaker?

  1. let's go out for dinner sometimes soon
  2. Let’s go have dinner sometimes soon
  3. Let’s get together and have dinner sometimes soon
  4. Let’s go grab dinner sometimes soon

Specifically, I know colloquially we use grab to mean that we eat something, but does it also apply to the occasion where we need to sit down for a nice dinner?


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Correction: Sometime soon.

If I were inviting a woman out for a nice dinner, I would not use "grab." If I were to use that expression, I would use it more for eating at a fast food type place rather than a nice restaurant. If I did use it, I would use it more for a situation where perhaps we are already doing something together, sightseeing or whatever. "Are you hungry? Why don't we grab a bite to eat?" In other words, it's better used for spur-of-the-moment type situations where little or no notice has been given to the potential invitee.

Also, if I were inviting someone out, and I was really eager for it to happen, I would name a definite time. I would say something like: "Let's go out to eat. Could go this Friday night?" "Sometime soon" leaves it hanging.

Your first three answers are more appropriate in my opinion (keeping in mind what I said about "sometime") for asking someone to what you call "a nice dinner."

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