Are there any differences between 'so on' and 'so forth'?

What are the cases when I should use 'so on' and what are the cases when I should use 'so forth'?

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Do you mean 'so on and so forth' or both separate -so on, so forth.

The latter case will create some confusion as it's actually and so forth.

and so forth - many meanings here.

Likewise, so on would also take and

and so on - continuing in the same way

In addition, and so on and so forth also exists as an idiom!

so on and so forth - And so on and so forth mean the same as etcetera (etc.)

There's no difference as such. All mentioned above are used to mean ...go on..similar thing... etc.


Literally it would be "and so onwards".

Forth and onwards (onward) are synonyms.

Both ”so on” and ”so forth” have the same meaning and are interchangeable, their usage is as et cetera.

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