1)There is written in the Macmillan dictionary that the word 'morning' can be both: countable or uncountable.

Could you give me an example sentence where 'morning' is uncountable?

2) Is 'morning' uncountable in the following sentence?

He sat by the river all morning.

If not, could you explain why there is omitted "the" after "all"?(not 'all the morning' but 'all morning')

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He sat by the river all morning.

In this sentence morning is uncountable because it refers to a particular period of time of a day.

But if you say

He sits by the river every morning.

In this case morning is countable, because it refers to different mornings.

The is not used because the is used to specify or determine nouns but in this case morning is already determined by determiner all.

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