I made an order through the net to reserve a record then in the comment place I wrote "I m not going to cancel this order as I did last time with the previous one" would it be possible to write" I am not cancelling it as I did last time with the previous one".

Which form is the best in this case ?

I think the going to is better but as I am hundred per cent sure of not cancelling but it is not an arrangment so


When you are affirming that something will (or indeed won't) happen in the future, you need to use a future form. Thus, "I am not going to", or "I won't" are what you want.

The futurate - the use of the present to express things about the future - is about things that are planned or expected, in some objective way. Not for making assertions, promises, and so on.

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  • you said that present continuous was not for making assertions, promises and so on What about that 4-reasons-why-im-not-buying-my-girlfriend-a-christmas-present is it because we are very far from christmas that the authour used the present continuous chrisreining.com/… – user5577 Apr 7 '19 at 6:03

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