I'm a bit confused about the definition of 'arts and crafts'.

  • Is it the same as 'handicrafts'?
  • Does it refer to objects made in this way or the technique itself?

Could you give me an example sentence for this phrase?

  • "Arts and Crafts" was the name of an artistic movement in mid-19th century Britain. Are you asking about that? – Michael Harvey Apr 8 at 14:14
  • As Michael has pointed out, it depends on the context - there are a few different way to use the phrase. Where did you encounter “arts and crafts” ? – ColleenV parted ways Apr 8 at 15:09

I would say that the crafts part of arts and crafts is definitely the same as handicrafts, while the arts part often encompasses more "classical" techniques like painting or sculpture (especially sculpture with clay). What makes arts and crafts different from fine art is that the people making it are almost always amateur or untrained artists who have not have formal training at a dedicated art school.

The phrase itself has a number of uses:

As an activity:

On rainy days, my kids like to keep themselves busy with arts and crafts.

The retirement home uses arts and crafts as a form of therapy.

To describe the objects created by the activity:

The museum displays arts and crafts typical to the region.

She saved all of the arts and crafts her kids had made in at summer camp over the years.

With capital letters, the Arts and Crafts movement was a set of styles in design, art, and architecture that was popular during the years 1880 through 1920.

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