Mona Lisa was commissioned to celebrate the birth at a baby boy. The lady in the painting was Lisa del Giocondi,who was a member of the Gheradini family in Florence. It is assumed that the family had commissioned the painting to celebrate the birth of their second son,Andrea.

If i replace had commissioned with commissioned, then the meaning would be changed?

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    As I previously commented when you asked a different question about this passage, it should be the birth of a baby boy. Apr 10, 2019 at 7:09

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It doesn't change the meaning. The use of had indicates that the commissioning is further in the past than the time of the context, but that is semantically obvious anyway, so it is unnecessary.


No, the meaning would not change fundamentally. The use of had in similar contexts may help to make things clearer, but I can't see how a native speaker would misunderstand this piece if it was dropped.

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