A: I don't remember much, though.
B: Just try to give me as much details as you can remember.

I feel like something is wrong in B's sentence. I've never heard people say something like this.


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The issue here is the use of many vs. much. Typically, many modifies countable nouns, while much modifies uncountable ones. Reference

With "details," a countable noun, the proper sentence would be: "Try to give me as many details as you can remember."

But you could also have "detail" used as an uncountable noun like "information": "Try to give me as much detail as you can remember."


It's the combination of much and details (plural) that doesn't work.

You should use one of the following:

As much detail.
As many details.

Detail, as a mass noun, takes a singular form—which much is used with. (As much water or as much candy.) And details, as a countable noun, is plural—which many is used with (as many drinks or as many chocolates).

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