Expanse: a large, open area of land, water, or sky (Cambridge)

Stretch: a continuous area of land or water (Cambridge)

Expanse: a very large area of water, sky, land etc (Longman)

Stretch: an area of land or water, especially one that is long and narrow (Longman)

What is the difference between an expanse of sea and a stretch of sea? How do I know when to use which?

Does "expanse" mean the sea stretches out as far as your eyes can reach?

Does "stretch" mean an area of sea that is narrow and long, which is enclosed and bounded by the land?

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To me, an "expanse" is a large area open all around, as far as the eye can see. Most likely includes areas farther than the eye can see.

A "stretch" of land or water seems to refer more to some generically specific section one might travel. It might be part of an expanse, or it might be long and narrow. For example, if I were travelling in a boat across the ocean (or an "expanse of sea"), I might say "that stretch of our trip was quite smooth". Or "I expect this next stretch to be a little rougher."

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I put both cases on Google Scholar, consulting more than a dozen articles and book chapters for each case.

I have noticed that both were employed with the meaning of high seas extensions (open seas, more deeper and wider) and also referring to the extension of narrower and longer and more closed features bounded by land (coastal features).

However, the term "stretch" has appeared in a greater number of articles and book chapters.

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