"In the middle of the life" is too vague and doesn't mean the same thing, correct me if I am wrong, and "at the midpoint of your life" (after 20 years if you are going to live until 40) doesn't sound very idiomatic, so how would you say it?

For example:

____, a counter appears telling you how much time you have left to live in this strange fictional world.

  • @SamBC’s answer seems pretty good to me. BUT, if you have a good reason to talk about such things, do you really want to miss the chance to inject into your work, even just a tiny allusion to the great Dante Alighieri? 🤓 – tkp Jun 22 '19 at 0:01

Halfway through (your life)

That's probably the most general sort of phrase for it that I would use, though there are many different options available.

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  • It does sound much better and natural. – frbsfok Apr 12 '19 at 0:23

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