He has swum daily for several years, but his shoulder has been bothering him recently

this is an answer of a test has swum The reason of present perfect simple is that swimming has been done for so many times that it has become a permanent thing

But would it be possible to change for present perfect pogressive to emphasize the duration and that this action is ongoing


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    It would sound awkward to use present perfect continuous in both clauses. The 2nd clause is in PPC because it acts as a contrast to the longer, more permanent situation descrived by "has swum for several years" – Mari-Lou A Apr 14 '19 at 6:59
  • [Is it acceptable, and not "will it be acceptable", here] – Lambie Oct 6 '19 at 13:26

"He's been swimming daily for several years" also works. The meaning is slightly different.

"He's swum daily" treats swimming as a recurring event.

"He's been swimming daily" treats swimming daily as a single process that has continued for years.

A native speaker might also say "he's gone swimming daily" instead. This is like "he's swum daily" but describes the action of going swimming (including e.g. traveling to the water) in addition to the swimming itself.

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