Sometimes I see third person verbs , though they're not conjugated. Examples:

I fell my sorrow Fly away;

enter This makes my blood Boil;

Or, they aren't really verbs? Plz help me.

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These are verbs but they are not the third person singular indicative present tense.

Instead, they are "bare infinitives" the infinitive form of the verb without a "to". The infinitive functions a little like a noun.

Some verbs can have an infinitive phrase:

I ordered him to wash.

For some verbs this is a "to infinitive" but for others it is a bare infinitive

I made him wash

But in both cases the verb has its base form (which for most verbs is the same as the first person present tense) But notice with the verb "be/am/is/are" the infinitive "be" is clearly different.

I made him be good.

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