Is there a word that means "connected to a conversation, being able to hear, read or any similar phrase" for "video conversation, chat, phone conversation"? I am trying to think and I can't find a very idiomatic way of saying this. Could you also provide with an example sentence, or a few of them? "Be on the line" can be used for phone conversation, but what about other form of communication like radio, video chat, etc?

For example:

Don't talk bad about him, he's still ___.


I think there is no best way to convey this meaning. You can use:

  • ... he's still around
  • ... he's still close
  • ... he's still listening
  • ... he's still in the listening range
  • ... he can still hear us / read the messages / in front of the screen
  • ... he's still with us (this has the second meaning of "he's still alive")

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