I was quite sure I've heard people talking before about "newslets", or "media newslets", but the dictionaries list no such word.

Am I talking about media outlets or something like this? Does the word "newslet" exist (in some spelling variation) or is my brain making it up?


It is usual in the English language to "invent" words in order to shorten a sentence, when a dedicated words does not exist, or when one does not remember the word quickly, or when one wants to sound "non-standard" / cool.

There are several ways to do that:

  • join two or more words (or word fragments) together;
  • adding suffixes;
  • misspelling.

Some of these "invented" words actually become "proper", documented in the dictionaries, while others remain just slang / informal.

It seems to be the same case with "newslet" = news + (out)let.

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