Can the “ that” be used with all verbs as is the case with sentence below. I mean Is the structure in sentence below genaral grammar rule ?

It affected my life that she left me without saying goodbye.


"That" has many uses, and one of them, as in your case here, is functioning as conjunction. Which means it links two independent sentences together in one complete meaningful sentence; thus it can show how the two joined parts are related.

Similar examples where "that" is used as a conjunction:

  • His way of acting nicely with everyone is so admirable that no one would ever think of hurting him.

  • They left the house in such a hurry that they forgot to turn the lights off.

Note that "that" takes "so" with adjectives/adverbs and "such" with nouns but nothing with verbs as in your example. The reason for that is because one thing causes the other.

Here you can find all the possible uses of "that".

  • Your second example sentence is ungrammatical. It needs to be something like in such a hurry. – Jason Bassford Apr 16 '19 at 19:06
  • Very true; I have corrected it. – Tasneem ZH Apr 17 '19 at 2:23

It affected my life [that she left me without saying goodbye].

Declarative content clauses (that-clauses) functioning as adjuncts seem fine with a few verbs that allow a resultative or purposive meaning. They are quite rare though, since such clauses normally function as complement.

The adjunct here has a resultative meaning; compare: "She left me ... with the result that it affected my life."

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