I'm writing an essay, and I initially decided to set its title as The vow at dawn (referring to a particular vow which has been made between some people at a sunrise). Though, ODE examples often use "to make a (or the) vow" expression. Thus, I'm wondering whether The vow at dawn is familiar enough to the ears of native speakers or I better stick to The vow made at dawn?


Vow is both a verb and a noun:

: a solemn promise or assertion
specifically : one by which a person is bound to an act, service, or condition

While make a vow may be a common phrase, there is no reason at all that you have to use it:

I just finished writing my wedding vows.
It's a vow that I intend to keep.

Also, titles don't need to be grammatical sentences (or even grammatical at all):

Or, in your case, The Vow at Dawn.

The title you use is up to you.

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