Q. I ____ john and Liz after school tomorrow.

  • A. am meet
  • B. am meeting
  • C. met

Q2. My sister ____ john and Liz after school tomorrow.

  • A. Is meet
  • B. Is meeting
  • C. met

Herewith I attached 2 questions from one Korean student's exam. Actually these were very weird in case of mine also can't choose anyone of them.

Why there isn't D. (will meet) as I thought.

I'm waiting your brilliant comments about the above sentences.

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For Q1, variants A and C are definitely a no-go.

For Q2, variants A and C are definitely a no-go also.

So we see that both variants B remain, and they are both present continuous. Fortunately, in English, present continuous can be used to express future:

  • I'm meeting Jim at the airport = Jim and I have discussed this.
  • I am leaving tomorrow. = I've already bought my train ticket.
  • We're having a staff meeting next Monday = all members of staff have been told about it.

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