Could you give me better phrases than this? The situation is that you took 1week leave for vacation and want to say thanks to coworkers.

" title: Thank you

Thank you so much for your assistance during my absence last week. I brought you the XXX cookies from Singapore, which are placed on the desk next to John. Please help yourself!"

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    I think your phrasing and word choice are mostly fine. I would say "I brought you all" or just omit the direct object. I would not use "the" with "cookies". Also I would say "which I have placed on" or even break that sentence into two.
    – Elininja
    Apr 18, 2019 at 18:17

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I think you want to say:

Thank you for standing in for me last week. ...


Thank you to those of you who stood in for me last week. ...

Then a slight edit: I brought you the XXX cookies should probably read: I brought you some XXX cookies

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