I ____ (read) six books this week.

The correct answer is:

I have read six books this week.

Why are we using Present Perfect since we specify when we did the activity? Is it wrong to say (Past Simple):

I read six books this week.

  • i think ... here the sentence refers to completion of action in the recent past. hence the present perfect tense – twen aces Apr 18 at 21:49
  • It depends on the "national variety". In British English the Present Perfect Tense is the only correct answer. In American English both are correct. – user307254 Apr 19 at 8:34
  • @user307254 Really? Please provide a source for your claim. – userr2684291 Apr 20 at 13:06

Present perfect is the more likely answer, but both choices are possible, depending on whether you view 'this week' as incomplete (>present perfect) or complete (>past simple), which in turn depends on when in the week you say this.

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