You know the conical end of a ballpoint pen that holds the ball inside the end of the conical shaped end of the ballpoint? Is there a name for the conical end? I am thinking it has a name, but I never learned what the name was. Does it also come with several names? If it's the case, what are they?

  • Why do you think it has a name. Are you looking for a technical word used in the pen making industry. Does it have to be specific to ballpoint pens? – James K Apr 18 '19 at 23:30

Colloquially I'd call that the tip of the pen. There may be a technical term for it, but that's a question for a different StackExchange site.


From Merriam-Websters's definition of ballpoint pen:

: a pen having as the writing point a small rotating metal ball that inks itself by contact with an inner magazine

Note that the definition uses the phrase writing point, which makes sense. So, really, the end of a ballpoint pen is its point.

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