I am not sure about the difference between using "ly-formed adverbs" and using "sole adjectives" before "present participle adjectives".

I think in the first sentence "relentless" qualify "beating heat" , in the second sentence "relentlessly" qualify the "beating" ?

1-The relentless beating heat was beginning to confuse me. (sole adjective)

2-The relentlessly beating heat was beginning to confuse me. (ly-formed adverb)

  • Preliminary point: "beating" is best analysed as a verb, not an adjective. Other than that, you have it right. – BillJ Apr 20 at 11:39
  • "Beating" is not an adjective because it can't be modified by "very", and it can't occur as complement to complex-intransitive verbs like "become" ("It became/seemed quite beating") or complex-transitive verbs like "find" ("I found it quite beating"). "Beating" has none of the properties of indisputable adjectives and hence can't belong in that class. Other examples of verbs modifying nouns include "a sleeping child", "the gleaming showroom". – BillJ Apr 21 at 7:39

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