Please clarify the exact meaning of the bold part in the text below.

What has landed me here in Hospital is not too serious. I see worse all around me and get my mind off of all that by picturing things and wondering for instance if you are still there in the Library. If you are the one I mean, you are about of medium size or perhaps not quite, with light brownish hair. You came a few months before it was time for me to go in the Army following on Miss Tamblyn who had been there since I first became a user aged nine or ten. In her time the books were pretty much every which way, and it was as much as your life was worth to ask her for the least help or anything since she was quite a dragon. Then when you came what a change, it was all put into sections of Fiction and Non-Fiction and History and Travel and you got the magazines arranged in order and put out as soon as they arrived, not left to molder away till everything in them was stale. I felt gratitude but did not know how to say so. Also I wondered what brought you there, you were an educated person. "Casting Away" by Alice Munro

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You came, following Miss Tamblyn. So when Miss Tamblyn left, the new librarian arrived, she was the next one after Miss Tamblyn.

And that happened a few months before the writer had to go to the army. But Miss Tamblyn had nothing to do with the army, even though she was a dragon. :)

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