Tim was a thin boy. _____ many days, he would even starve. What word (or phrase should I use in place of _____)

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    There's not enough information in that sentence to fit "the reason why". You haven't declared the reason he is thin. Has Tim not eaten for many days? – Andrew Apr 23 at 15:26
  • Do you mean "go hungry" or "could not afford to eat" or "fast" or "not eat" instead of "even starve"? "Fast" and "not eat" imply that he chose not to eat some days. "Go hungry" and "could not afford to eat" imply that he would have eaten if he had food to eat. – Jasper Apr 23 at 16:38
  • As Jasper notes, your question is currently unclear. You ask for a word that means the reason why, but your example does not fit that form; The reason why many days, he would even starve is nonsensical. Please edit your post to clarify. – choster Apr 23 at 20:42
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  • You could use After not eating for. But that doesn't say anything useful. Everybody knows that failing to eat leads to starvation. – Jason Bassford Apr 25 at 15:51


You still need to reword or reorder the other elements or the sentence. Perhaps something like "Tim was a thin boy because he would starve himself for many days"

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Due to is a good substitute for "The reason why".

However, in this example that you brought it doesn't fit. Actually not even "The reason why" fits.

  • If your answer doesn't fit the example, perhaps it's not a good answer. – Davo Apr 23 at 17:39

There isn't a word for what you're looking for, but there is a symbol.

"Tim was a thin boy; many days, he would even starve."