It's all I can do to sit still while the bands play. I can’t believe Mirror Boy was in the system. I don’t know if he was when he died or not. (The Ghost Files, by Apryl Baker)

Who's "thinking" here is a teenager who can see ghosts. She and the kid she's talking about are foster kids. Considering one of the comments, it's probably a metaphor. But I can't quite grasp the meaning.

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    This really needs more context. it may be intended literally -- the person is at some sort of concert or performance. Or it may be part of a metaphor. "The band plays" and "the band plays on" are phrases frequently used metaphorically. What is the source of the sentence, please? Please see: Why you should cite your source. – David Siegel Apr 24 at 21:38
  • This should be closed for not quoting source. – Michael Harvey Apr 24 at 21:53
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    C'mon Michael, it hasn't been that long since they asked. Give it time. – Elininja Apr 24 at 22:00
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    @MichaelHarvey Why did you remove your answer? It was spot on. – Lambie Apr 24 at 22:02
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    Given that the source is now known, it seems pointless not to edit it into the question, and flat-out wrong to vote to close. – David Siegel Apr 24 at 22:16

It's not an idiom or metaphor. That sentence is the start of Chapter Eighteen of the Ghost Files by April Baker. In the previous chapter (Seventeen) the narrator goes to a "rock band tournament", where a number of bands compete for a prize, and right at the end, receives some surprising information, and, as the next chapter starts, is considering it while the rock bands play.

  • I got the book details using a Google search using the quoted text. Some web sites are showing chapter 18 (only) as a sample; other have the whole text. – Michael Harvey Apr 25 at 7:58

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