What does actually means by "Deadly Diamond of Dead". Although i find it in a programming language but i am concerned about it's literal meaning. Is it some slang?


Isn't it supposed to be "Deadly Diamond of death"?

As you mentioned, you understood what it means when it refers to what it's supposed to mean.

Deadly features of dead - refers to the features of dead (may be person or anything, depending on context) that are deadly.

Deadly diamond of dead - refers to the diamond of dead (may be a person or anything depending on context) that are deadly.

Well, "deadly diamond of death" is a name of "multiple inheritance issue" in OOP, or may be in all languages where class is supported. Anyways, I am not into computer programming anymore and hence I forgot all, can't be more specific about it. But my point is, it's a name and like all name we shouldn't seek the literal meaning for they might not lead to the concept or something/someone they refers to.

Say for example, in India Puja is a very common name of a female, but the literal meaning of "puja" is worship of god.

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