By dream I mean the dreams you experience during sleep. Saying "see my dream" sounds weird, I think "experienced" would be a better word, but even then it sounds awkward.

The following example makes clear what I mean:

Dreams are boring, but weird.

You haven't seen my dreams, sweetheart. They're exciting and fun for the most part.


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As James's answer mentions, this is a bit of an abstract concept to begin with, but

You haven't dreamt my dreams.

might have the connotation that you are seeking. This implies that the "sweetheart" has never experienced first-hand in his/her own dreams what the dreamer has experienced.


"You haven't seen my dreams" is the best expression. It is a little weird, but the idea that you want to express is a little weird.

In the exact context, I'd probably just say "Not my dreams, they're exciting and fun"

In a wider sense, consider "You don't (or can't) share my dreams."


When people talk about their dreams, they almost always talk about dreams they've had:

You wouldn't believe the dream I had last night.
I've been having these strange dreams lately!

So, in your sentence, it would most likely be:

You haven't had my dreams, sweetheart. They're exciting and fun for the most part.

It would be highly unusual for anybody to talk about seeing dreams. Especially since most people also hear things in dreams. (Other senses are also possible.) In fact, if you don't say that you've had a dream, you would just say, as you mention, that you've experienced a dream. But if you don't like how experienced sounds, go with had—which is more common.

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